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Costa del Sol: the new hotspot for working from home

2020 is without a doubt “the year of working from home” due to the Covid-19 world pandemic. Companies that had previously been reluctant to introduce this method have now been forced to do so, and have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the internet working from home is more than an option for many businesses, it’s the future.

Some experts are saying that offices will soon be a trend of the past as working remotely does not only make some employee’s job easier, such as allowing them to avoid a one-hour daily commute for example, but it would also save businesses a large amount of money as they will need less office space to accommodate staff.

Working from home will even benefit the environment as less people will be using their vehicle to travel to work every day thus helping the pollution problem. It will encourage all paperwork to be done telematically therefore avoiding unnecessary use of paper.

Teleworking is the silver lining of the cloud that has been (and still is, at the time of writing) the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that we know it is possible for a business to flourish from working from home, a common question people will be asking themselves is: If I can now work from anywhere via my computer, where in the world would I most love to live?

We highly recommend the Costa del Sol. With glistening coastlines, sandy beaches, vast mountain ranges, delicate white villages, delicious cuisine and world-famous culture the Costa del Sol is the perfect destination for businesses and the self-employed. The prices you would pay in some cities and countries across the world for a small studio apartment can get you a beach-side penthouse on the beautiful Mediterranean coastline that is the Costa del Sol.

Close your eyes and imagine your day. Wake up to the sun shining into the room. After a leisurely walk along the shore of the beautiful beach located just two minutes from your home, you settle down on your terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for a productive day at the online office.

For lunch, you pop down to the chiringuito for an ice cold beer and a plate of seafood, freshly caught by local fishermen just that morning.

When work is done for the day it’s time for a siesta by the pool and then maybe even a dip in the ocean. Once evening arrives you watch the sun go down from your kitchen whilst making the new mouth-watering paella recipe you have mastered, using locally grown and sourced fresh ingredients from the farmers market you visited at the weekend.

Finally, you decide between reading a book on the terrace during this warm evening or going out and enjoying the bustling night life in town. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

Málaga, Marbella and the Costa del Sol have proven to be an extremely sought after locations for people from all over the world looking to purchase a home in Spain and companies looking to establish an international base here due to the high quality of living and laid-back lifestyle. From golfing at the weekends to after-work tapas in a beach bar, this is a lifestyle some can only dream of.

This Southern coastline of Spain is full of chic, cosmopolitan towns and stunning beaches, making it a very popular tourist destination. Many expats choose to settle down here due to the proximity to the beaches, the year-round sunny climate and amazing, traditional Andalucian festivals.

If you are considering relocating or even just purchasing a holiday home here, this is one of the most economical areas of Europe to settle down in and, at the same time it offers much more than some of the more expensive European locations.

The Málaga area is known for being welcoming to international neighbours. From visiting the world-famous, glamorous Puerto Banús Marina in Marbella to a round of golf in Estepona, or a stroll through the undiscovered and beautiful Málaga city you will never be bored. Children can receive the best education at international private schools whilst the grown-ups run their business overlooking the sea or enjoy the sunshine whilst practicing their favourite outdoor sport.

Visit the museums Málaga city has to offer, like the Picasso museum in the historic centre or the Pompidou centre on the marina. Get to know the great outdoors by taking a family hike up through one of the local National Park trails like El Torcal, ski in the Sierra Nevada mountain range or sign up to learn a water sport you’ve always wished you could do. Winters are warm here on the Costa del Sol, so outdoor sports and meals in the sun are a year-round possibility.

Mingle with the friendly locals at the supermarket up the street from your villa and learn Spanish. Spaniards are always up for a chat! There are plenty of weekly markets in your area selling fresh produce from local farmers and handmade goods to take home as a souvenir where you can practice your new Spanish skills whilst bargaining.

Thinking of investing in a property here, maybe a beach-front apartment or a villa with a pool? There are some great properties to be had in this area and plenty of new-build investment opportunities popping up in some idyllic locations due to popular demand.

In a nutshell, working remotely will be the new normal within the next few years. Companies will come up with new ways of doing business online that will likely create more opportunities and revenue than working in an office ever did, and employee’s wellbeing and productivity levels will be at an all time high due to them working in a comfortable environment. Need to get out of the house? Pop down to your local café or rent a desk at a shared space office. The possibilities are endless, and the Costa del Sol awaits you!

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